Deposit is past due.
Mark your calendar (Hope House) *please meet at the church at the assigned times.
A signed parent permission slip is required.
rs for Ignite has left the building OUTREACH.
Saturday March 20th at 3:00 pm
(Target Dayton Homeless Outreach) & Wed May 1st at 5:00 pm.
IGNITE is for students in grades 7-12.
IGNITE is about students having that “AHA” moment in Jesus Christ by creating an environment where students can grow in their relationship with Him. We also encourage Godly friendships with others, and create positive and lasting influence through service in the community. Our goal is to prepare middle and high school students to face the peaks and ruts in their lives with grace and strength as they seek God for guidance and wisdom and to reach higher for themselves and their generation.
God calls us to have a daily relationship with him. Waynesville Student Ministry prepares students to dig deeper in the word of God, and in their personal prayer lives to live out their walk with the Lord with confidence and grace. We are called by God for a higher purpose and we believe we were created to serve those around us and set an example of what God desires for us to be, Holy in His sight.
What does a typical Wednesday Night look like?
We begin with a short free time to give the students a chance to connect.  We then go into worship and then a relevant hands on lesson as a group.  After the lesson, students are separated into middle school and high school groups, at times depending on the topic, we separate girls and boys.  A small group leader leads the group in a discussion, we finish off with snacks, drinks, and team building activities.
Discussion Topics?
We will focus on 7 checkpoints throughout the year.(Adapted from Andy Stanley) Authentic Faith Spiritual Discipline Moral Boundaries Healthy Friendships Wise Choices Ultimate Authority
Others First
CORE Student Bible Study
Monday Night’s 6:30-8pm led by Grant in the loft for all 7th-12th graders
IGNITE🔥Summer Retreat & Mission 2019 “One Way” Sat.-Sun. JUNE 22-30 to TN./GA. $50 Deposit due by March 17.  Total Cost $225 (we will have a few fundraiser meals to help parents pay for the trip, Last year we raised almost half the funds.) For more info about the GA part of our retreat www.forwardconference.org
In TN we will be serving at multiple sites.